Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seven Things On Sundays

Okay, I haven't done this in a while, but here it is:

Pure Randomness: A List of Seven Random Things I Just Realized

1. In my daily writing practice, the name Justin keeps popping up as a character. WHY IS THAT??!!

2. In every story I've ever written, there has been a cat of some sort. Whether a live cat or a stuffed cat or a tree that resembles a cat, it's there. In every. Single. One.

3. Most of my friends have a Facebook or Instagram account. Me, I'm happy with an email address and a blog. And from what I've read over my friends' shoulders, Facebook and Instagram ain't as awesome as everybody says. (Duck-face selfies, girls? Really!? And no one needs to see pictures of what you ate for dinner!)

4. I never actually call my cat, Snickers, by her name. I say stuff like "baby" or "girl" or "Nickers." But never Snickers.

5. Sharp objects and I do not get along well. (This includes high heels.)

6. Of my three personal New Year's Resolutions, I have kept one-- and I haven't even kept that one all the way....

7. I would rather argue with someone for ten minutes than have a pleasant conversation with them for an hour.


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