Sunday, August 14, 2016

What's in My Backpack


I can't be the only one who gets excited over new school supplies. I can't be the only one who finds freshly sharpened pencils aesthetically pleasing. Here's a few of my new school supplies (on a budget).


My only new binder this year. I found it at Ollie's and couldn't pass it up.
I redecorated all my old binders this year. Lots of stick on labels, scrapbook paper, and Pinterest inspiration went into these.

I glued some lace trim onto the edge of my composition notebook to spruce it up.

These pencils and the binder clips were at the $1 rack at Target.

The mini stapler and highlighters were on sale at target, too. Casio scientific calculators are amazing because they do radicals and square roots for you. They save a lot of time. The only thing they don't do is graph.
I'm ready for school.
(Just kidding school already started. The first day was last Thursday cuz I forgot to queue this post for Wednsday. I am so disorganized ahahaha :D)

Into the Woods

It feels forever since I took these pictures. Summer has been hectic, full of funerals and Family Emergencies, long visits, and preparing for a mission trip to Haiti. That's why I'm just now posting. (Ok, to be honest, I'm also watching Doctor Who as fast as I can with my little free time.) I can't seem to get into the habit of blogging regularly. Something always gets in the way.
We spent the week of July the 4th in Watoga State Park, West Virginia. It's all a blur to me, probably because I had my nose in a book for most of it.
Our Cabin
We visited Organ Caves, went hiking and canoeing, toured the home of Pearl S. Buck, and encountered a lovely little black bear when we cooked over the fire one night. :) Here's a few photos.

(OK update something is up with our internet and I can't upload any new pictures right now but here's the ones I uploaded first. *screams at Frontier*)

Café I would have liked to stop by
Le hike
Sleepy Beastie

 A twin. Probably Levi