Sunday, January 5, 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 14

Day Fourteen: A Vacation You Would Like To Take

There's just one problem with that. Can you keep a secret?

Here's the secret: I don't like to travel.

"Oh my gosh, did she just say that?" Yes, I did. I'd much rather be home.

The House in the Hollow
(my house)
 I've never liked all the rush and discomfort of traveling. Vacations can be fun, yes, but for the most part, I'd rather sleep in my own bed under my own roof in my own town.

"But you need to get out and see things," you say. "How can you write if you don't know what's out there?"

First of all, I do travel. I have seen what's out there (and I don't always like what I see). I just prefer to stay here at home.

Second of all, there are plenty of beautiful things to be seen in my own backyard:

Meadow Fritillary Butterfly
(I think)

View from the treehouse.

October Snow
The Spring Ice Storm
Third of all, I LOVE THIS PLACE! To me, anywhere else in the world seems alien and cold by comparison.

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