Monday, June 22, 2015

DIY Fairy Garden Furniture

Guess who is FINALLY out of school!?
This wonderful thing actually happened last Monday at 1:30, but I've spent the past week getting things organized and taking it easy.  I didn't feel like messing with any blog posts, but I'm getting back into it.
Anyway, last night I started getting things ready for my little flower garden plot.  I've decided I want it to be a fairy garden this year, so I'm making mini furniture to decorate it.  So far I've made chairs and a bed... anybody want to see how?  I'm going to show you anyway. ;)
The chair instructions I got from this website that I found on Pinterest.  For the bed, I just randomly glued things together based on a Pin I saw and hoped for the best.
 For the chair, you'll need:
a glue gun
wire cutters or something similar
some twigs of your choice
a ruler (optional)

Follow the link above for instructions.  They are clear and relatively simple.

The finished product!
Not perfect, but it's a good first try.

Here is a random picture of the flag
on the front porch that I found in the midst
of all these photos I took. Enjoy!

For the bed, you'll need
a glue gun
wire cutters or something similar
some twigs of your choice
a ruler (optional)
thread (I used good old quilting thread)

1. Cut the twigs.  For the head of the bed, I used two three-and-a-half-inch sticks.  The foot of the bed were one-inch twigs.  The leg braces for the bed were about two inches. The two long sides were four-and-a-half inches.

2. Glue them together

3. Weave the string around the bed frame.  I tied the knot near the head of the bed, then wove the strings in an under-over fashion where the mattress would be.
4.  Add moss. Pile it on top of the thread you've woven.  You can add a leaf blanket if you'd like, or leave it as is. I made a pillow by folding a leaf in half and stuffing it with more moss.

Finished product!

Aaaaaand that's pretty much all I have to say for today.  What did you think?
See y'all!