Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014-- Happiness Is....

This is going to be a very badly organized post, but here goes:

Happiness is....

Happiness is loads and loads of beautiful, sparkling SNOW!

Happiness is finishing your school work and having the rest of the day free.

Happiness is a square of chocolate after a week of eating healthy.(Or deer jerky instead of chocolate--whichever you prefer.)

Happiness is having your own blog and being able to write whatever you want!

Happiness is this song:

Happiness is not....
  • being snowed in.
  • having all your basketball games canceled because of weather.
  • eating healthy
  • not knowing where your MP3 player full of Taylor Swift music is.

For once, I'm actually done with school instead of secretly typing my blog posts while pretending to do school!

My friend Chloee left a comment on my guest book! She asked me how to write a novel. Well, that's a really tough topic! Many have tried and failed to answer that question. So I'm writing a blog post that I'll post soon called "How to Write a Novel."

Today is one of my best friends' birthdays. When we were little, she and I used to think it was awesome that we were born exactly twenty days and twenty minutes apart. It was like fate. Happy birthday, Tiffini! I hope fourteen is your best year yet. <3

As much as I'm always saying how I don't give a darn what other people think, really I kind of do.

The whole time I've had this blog, I've worried what other people might think when they read it. I've worried what my friends and family will think if they stumble across it. I've worried what other writers will think when they read my pieces. I've worried that my blog looks really unprofessional.

Well, I realized something today: I don't need to worry.

If people think what I write is lame or bad, they are jerks and they can buzz off. No one is making them read this. If my friends and family read this blog, what's on here shouldn't bother them because they know that I'm just being me. If other writers want to criticize what a teenager writes, they can hurl insults at me and I'll welcome them with open arms-- I need criticism to grow! And so what if my blog doesn't look professional? I'm fourteen, for Pete's sake! I'm not trying to look professional.

So I'm going to stop worrying about what other people think and write!....

Later. Because I just discovered another overdue assignment....

Oh, brother.


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