Friday, June 23, 2017

Commitment Issues

Hi. *sheepish wave*

If anyone who reads this blog hasn't noticed, I have problems committing to doing things regularly. Like blogging. Hehe...

But that's just one in a long list of things, and I've come to the conclusion that I have a problem. Here are five other topics that seem to indicate my commitment issues.

Writing. It starts, it stops. Just check out my Works in Progress tab for proof. I write 3/4 of a novel; I throw it away. I write a poem; I forget about it. I get up every morning at six and write for an hour; I start sleeping in. It's a vicious and destructive cycle.

Homework. Learning is all fine and dandy, my friend, but why must school follow me home? There's a separation of Church and State and I feel like that should also apply to school and home... just putting that out there.
All jokes aside, homework is very important and I try my best to do my work and maintain my position at the top of my class. I just can't seem to do it... how do I say this... in a timely manner? I finish essays I've had for weeks at two a.m. the day they're due. I have difficulty setting aside time daily to work on assignments bits at a time.

Pen pals. If any of my lovely old pen pal friends still read this blog, bless you. You put up with a lot, poor souls. Between me putting off writing your letters regularly and forgetting birthdays and even whose turn it is to write, it's amazing you've stuck around this long. I'm really a terrible person.

Career. I do everything possible to avoid the following question, including hiding, fake phone call interruptions, and feigning deafness. "What are you going to do when you finish high school?"


I DON'T KNOW. (Why is that the number one question to ask teenagers? Who actually enjoys answering this question?) The reason I "accidentally" knocked over a stack of books to evade your question, Aunt Kara, is because I can't seem to commit to a career path. I can't decide on what I want to do. There's so many options and what if I pick the wrong one ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Books. I prefer a standalone novel over a book series. Why? Because if I read that first book, I feel like I have to read all the others and that's just too much obligation. I started Cinder freshman year and I'm just now finishing Winter as soon-to-be-senior because I couldn't make up my mind about continuing the series.

So, indecisiveness, commitment issues, a preference for naps over facing the things that need to get done... call it what you will. But I promise I will do my best this summer to blog and interact with you peeps on a regular basis. I'm back to stay... again.