Friday, January 3, 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 13

Day Thirteen: A Guilty Pleasure

Here we are again, running into another "unlucky" thirteen! You know, speaking of lucky numbers, 13 is Taylor Swift's. She's still drawing it on her hand before every concert, I believe.
lucky 13 .
Got this from Pinterest.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Pinterest?
Oh. Sorry. I was doing a bit of fangirling there. Where was I? Oh, yes. A guilty pleasure.
If you've read some of my previous blog posts, you know that I ADORE Taylor. So can you guess what one of my guilty pleasures is?
1. Listening to unreleased Taylor Swift songs on Youtube. All. The. Livelong. Day. "Music is my drug. Youtube is my dealer."
If you don't know me in person, and you've read my other blog posts, you probably think I do nothing but write and listen to Taylor Swift. But I promise you, that's not (entirely) true! You can actually get a lot of things done faster if you do it while listening to music... in fact, today I'll be cleaning the bathrooms while listening to T-Swizzle....
2. Chocolate. Enough said.

What's going on lately:
  • You know that storm that's been blasting the northeast? Well, we're feeling it here in West Virginia. Six inches of snow and 13-below wind-chill factors are nothing new to us, though, since we live on a mountain. The only thing is, it's a bit hard to practice basketball outside in this kind of weather.
  • It being 2014, I can begin writing my novels! YAY! (*does a little happy dance.*) I'm never making a stupid promise not to write ever again.
  • School is back in session-- for the public-schoolers, anyway, hehehe. :D I don't have to be weighed down by any schoolwork until Monday. Oh... I should probably start working on those overdue assignments from last semester....
  • My flute is in the shop. I haven't been able to practice it since the Christmas Concert, since the band director took it with her over Christmas break to be fixed. I hope it will be as good as new when I get it back! (I also hope I'll be excused from turning in practice times, since I didn't have my flute to practice with.)
  • Basketball season is back! Sigh. Back to practices and working out instead of sitting around eating Christmas cookies.

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