Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thoughts During Math Class

Homework? What homework?

Thank goodness she grades on completion. *writes down random numbers*

X equals b over -2a... x equals b plus or minus the square root of negative b plus 4ac over 2a....

*draws sketch of crush* Not bad-- oh, good gravy, that was close. *covers paper as said crush walks by*

Tori. This is Rebecca. Can you hear me? C'mon, we're eternally bonded, we have to have some kind of telepathy... Tori... please answer... Tori....

Why did I take honors math?

Please take your talons off my desk. I know I sit in the front row next to the board but that does not make this table your personal hand rest. Thank you.

Why are you in my bubble what even

Aaaaand here comes the usual thirty minute ran that always follows morning announcements.

Do we really need to review the dress code every morning? No one in here ever breaks it. We're honor students, for the love of bologna.

And now the lecture on participation.

And the one on grades. I should write a book on the predictability of this class.

Oh, hold your tongue. Maybe if you were actually teaching us, this entire HONORS class wouldn't have had to retake three tests. In a row.

How can someone's voice be that monotonous?

PLEASE shut up.

Might as well do my history homework while she lectures us on tardiness. Not that anyone in here has ever been tardy.

Sid better not be coming over here to ask for my white-out again. He needs to learn to write in pencil like the rest of us. I'm not giving him my white-out. I am not giving him my whi--
Sid: "Hey, can I borrow your white-out?"
Me: "Sure, go ahead."

What do you mean we have a quiz today?

Yay. Trigonometry. Fun.

Y equals... b plus the square root of... minus 32a... no, that's not how the formula goes. Just shoot me now.

Why did I take honors math?

Great. My stomach is imitating whale calls. I hope no one else can hear that.

Might as well turn this quiz in. I'm not getting anywhere.

Don't trip. Don't trip. Don't trip. *trips* *stumbles back to seat*

Can I die now

All of my friends sit at the back of the room.... Toriiiiiiiii... I need you.... 

Shoot. He caught me looking at him. Time to act like I'm studying really hard.


Are you kidding me. It's been thirty minutes since class started. Sixty more to go. AARGH.

Why. Did. I. Take. Honors. Math.