Thursday, February 13, 2014

Seven Things on Thursday-- The Valentine's Day Edition

1. I love these Blimey Cow videos. Especially this one:
Which side are you on this year?

2. Valentine's Day-- sigh. You either love it or hate it, it's true. This year I just want it to be over already. There's this one guy that's been my friend since I was five that I've been avoiding this entire week because I overheard him telling one of his friends that he was gonna ask me out... he is a really great friends, but I'd have had to say no, so I've been steering clear of him. It's going to be very awkward for a while if I don't manage to avoid that question.

Yeah, I'll be glad when I no longer have to worry about it.

3. Speaking of love:
ATTENTION ALL SWIFTIES: If you feel the same, pin this, tweet this &/or post this on your Facebook! #StandUp4Taylor
ATTENTION ALL SWIFTIES: If you feel the same, pin this, tweet this &/or post this on your Facebook

4. I also have to come up with Valentines for my friends. Any ideas, anyone? All the ones I can find are pretty cheesy....

5. The number of pets in my house has doubled in the past three weeks. (I'll post more on that later.) So now I definitely won't be alone on Valentine's Day!

6. My friends and I have been joking how we're all going to spend that special day: on the couch in pajamas, watching a marathon of romance movies, with a tub of vanilla ice cream, crying because none of us have a date.

No, seriously, that's not what I'll be doing!

7. What I will be doing is posting a story for Valentine's Day tomorrow. So be sure to check!

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