Thursday, February 6, 2014

List of Blogs by Teenage Girls

Before I started this blog, I went around the web searching for blogs by teenage girls. Do you know what I found?

Just about nothing.
Most of the blogs that I found had either been abandoned or deleted or moved to a different address or the writers of these blogs were no longer teenagers. Or they were entirely devoted to fashion and makeup. (Ugh.)

So, after following a lot of rabbit trails, these are some of the ones that I found:

A Classy State of Grace
Blog of a teenage girl (:
Just This Teenager
Kinga's Photography
Life of an ordinary teenage girl!
Molly Louise Blogs
Parchment, Pens, and Imaginary Friends
Rainbow of Words
Secretly Alice
Sunsets and Sundays
Tacos, Dolphins, and Friends
The Magic Violinist
The Secret Ghost Caller
Tsarmina's Travels

And, of course, my blog. ;^)

You can find more here: About Everything and Nothing (But like I said, a lot of the ones on this list have been deleted.)

Oh, and another great way to find blogs is to go to these blogs I listed and then look in the comments section. Usually other bloggers post comments there, and if you click on their user profiles you can see their blogs and the blogs that they follow.

Tell me in the comments if some of the links don't work so I can fix it.

-- Rebecca

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