Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Long Day

7:30: Alarm goes off. I ignore it and go back to sleep.

8:02: Mom wakes me up. I roll myself out of bed and get dressed. (The same thing I wore Monday. And the day before that.)

8:10: Breakfast.

8:15-9:30: Mess around and pretend to do school until it's time to leave for band.

9:35: Sign in at the principal's office.

9:42-10:23: Band class. We practice "Fantasy on an Irish Clogging Tune." Only the drummers keep losing their place in the music and half the band members aren't even there.

10:25: Every year since 1931, eighth graders in West Virginia take a test called the Golden Horseshoe. It's a test to see how much you know about West Virginia.

When the tests are graded, two top-scoring eighth grade students-- one girl and one boy-- are chosen from each county. The chosen attend a ceremony in Charleston where they are given this award:

West Virginia Golden Horseshoe Award - 1982
And they are dubbed a "lady" or a "knight" of the Golden Horseshoe Society. (With an actual sword!)
Okay, I'll be honest: I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyREALLY want to win that award!

Apparently, the first leg of the test was Monday. Only no one told me!!! So I missed it. I was ready to shoot someone. If that little mix-up had ruined my chances....

But my band teacher called the board office and they said it was alright if I took it now. So, for two hours, I was in that tiny prison-like cell attached to the school library that they call the counselor's office, scribbling away. I felt like the apostle Paul must have, isolated from the world and writing away to pass the time.

It was so cold in that office, I thought my fingers would freeze to the pen. Even though I was sitting at a school employee's desk, I couldn't find a pencil sharpener or tissues or anything, and I was afraid if I looked around too much, people out in the library would think I was cheating.

Longest. Two Hours. Of. My. Life.

12:15: I give my essay to the Social Studies teacher. She asks me how I think I did. I shrug and laugh like, "haha, that's cute, you think I actually knew what I was doing."

12:17: I call my mom to come pick me up. I wait. I watch my friends on their way to class through the blinds on the office door. It's a weird feeling, spying on them.

12:23: I sign out and my mom picks me up.

12:30: Lunch, consisting of leftover food from my sister's Valentines Day party the day before.

12:45-2:30: My mind is too exhausted from that essay. I will makeup today's school tomorrow, I tell myself. (Ha. HA.)

2:31-2:45: Get ready for practice. Wait for mom to finish Joshua's school so she can drive me.

3:00: I am dropped off at the school again. I dash to the locker room and change into my shorts. The principal dismisses school one grade at a time, only she forgets to turn off the intercom system between each grade. So I (and the whole school, if they were actually listening, which I doubt) overhear her entire conversation with the secretary.

3:05: The other girls come in. I wait for them to change because I do not want to go out to the gym-- where the boys are acting like idiots after being cooped up for eight hours-- alone.

3:10: Layups and foul shots while talking and laughing until our sides hurt. The boys are everywhere at once-- jumping off the bleachers, running through the hallways, crawling along the stage curtains just close enough to make them ripple, on top of the folded up cafeteria tables, going in and out of doors, messing around in the locker rooms, and hiding behind the sound system or flags-- all the while yelling, chasing, laughing, and tackling.

3:40: Full-court layups.

3:50: One of the coaches launches into a lecture about how we need to play during the out-of-county tournament games.

4:00: Timed sprints up and down the court. The boys watch us from the bleachers and laugh.

4:05: Boys' team practice begins. It's our turn to laugh and laugh and laugh while they huff and puff up and down the court as their punishment for being rowdy during our practice.

4:07: High school buses come. I clamber on with the high school students.

4:10: We drop off one girl. The bus driver, (who is the grandmother of one of my friends) starts to turn the bus around. It slides off into a snow bank.

4:11: The tires just spin and make a grinding noise. Uh-oh.

4:12: Bus driver sighs and digs out a few sets of chains. "Want me to help?" asks one of the high school boys. She shakes her head. "Nope, not allowed. But thanks." She goes out to put chains on the tires (to help give more traction in slippery places, if you were wondering).

4:13: "I really gotta pee!" yells one boy. We tell him to shut up. (And pray fervently that he doesn't carry out his threat to do it out the window.)

4:17: Bus driver returns. Uses bus radio to call her son, who is also a bus driver. "Jeff, I'm stuck up here behind Cathedral. If you could come up here and at least take my kids, that'd be great." She goes back out.

4:20: "Why were these chains not on the tires an hour ago?" complains the other high school boy. I am tempted to hurl something at his head, but refrain from doing so.

4:23: Other bus driver pulls up. Helps put remaining chains on tires. Attaches another chain to our bus and ties the other end to the front of his.

4:30: The two boys on the bus are told that if they want to help, go to the back of the bus and report what's happening while Jeff attempts to yank us out.

4:31: "The chain's snapped!" "Great. That's a brand new set of chains!"

4:40: Several tries later, the bus is back on the road and heading for home.

4:45: "Oh, look, you're mom's waitin' for ya," says the bus driver as I am dropped off. Sure enough, my family's car is sitting at the end of the road.

4:56: After racing into town to get to the library by 5:00, I return some books. I go back to the car.

4:59: I forgot to pick up the books that were on hold, so I go back in.

5:15: Jazzercise workout.

6:45: Dinner at home.

7:30: Check email. Shower.

8:58: I get on Pinterest and scroll through the new pins while waiting for my hair masque to set in.

9:09: Rinse the hair masque out.

9:30: Log out of Pinterest. Braid my hair.

9:45: Log back into Pinterest on the iPod under the covers.

10:00: I should probably go to sleep now....

10:30: Come on, girl, turn the iPod off....

10:50: Seriously....


11:01: Listen to "Boondocks." Shut off iPod.

12:00: I finally go to sleep.

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