Sunday, October 27, 2013

Seven Things on Sundays-- October 27th, 2013

Is anyone else super-excited for NaNoWriMo? I know I am! This is my first year participating. Honestly, I just heard of it for the first time three weeks ago! But I'm glad I did, because now I get to join thousands of fellow writers in reaching a goal of 50,00 words.

I've had the idea for this novel floating around in my head for about my entire life. It's neat to see all the weird little details that I've remembered since infancy fall into place in a story.

Here's my list for this week:

Seven Odd things That Inspired My NaNoWriMo Novel:

1. The older brother of a kid I've known since kindergarten
2. An old, scratched guitar
3.  A bright green pickup truck
4. An obnoxious blonde boy
5.A little white farmhouse
6. A photo of a happy couple in a rowboat holding their daughter in a sundress
7. Merida from Brave (she's somehow become the face for my main character!)

Who would've thought all these things could come together to form a book?

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