Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 19th, 2013 Saturday

Hi everyone!

I'm SUPER EXCITED to have a blog of my own. I hope you enjoy reading it!

I'll be honest: this blog has NOTHING to do with playing the flute! I just liked the name, and it was open, so I'm using it-- although I do love playing my flute, and I encourage those of you who are learning it to keep up the good work! But this is the blog of a future author, so I'll try to keep the flute talk to a minimum.

I'm finding out that the first post of writing a blog is pretty nerve-wracking. It's like an author staring at a blank white page, wondering what she'll write. It's anxious work! You're wondering, what kind of first impression am I making on my readers? Is it a good one or a bad one? Oh my gosh, what if it's a bad one!?

Anyway, I want to tell you when I'm making a post and what it will be about. I will be posting on Tuesdays, mostly. The first Tuesday will be on creative writing. The second one, I'll do poetry. The third I'll do a book review. The fourth will be on journaling. And if there's a fifth Tuesday, I'll just leave it free to do whatever I want. (But I might not stick to this schedule for long. I've never been one to like following rules!)

I'm going to mix it up some this month, to get this thing started. I probably won't fall into a regular schedule until around November.

And I just glanced over at my page views. Wow, five already? I just created this blog three minutes ago! How can you know about it so soon?

That's all for now. I've got a corn maze to go through! (more on that later.)

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