Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Favorite Homeschool Jokes

Just thought I'd do a random post on my favorite homeschool jokes. Being homeschooled myself, I endure many of these on a daily basis with my public school friends. These are just images and videos from around the web. :)

Yup!! Although I do most of my school by myself  either her or my mum helps me with some of it!! And it's easy for her to help me because me and my family lives with my grandma and grandpa!! (They furnished their basement to give us our own home!! It's really nice! It doesn't even look like it used to be a basement!!!!)
I can't tell you how many times I've said that. Respond, "It depends. Which subject are you inquiring about?"
Homeschooling funny
Homeschool girl funny
goodness, yes
Homeschooled hedgehog. I was homeschooled until 7th grade and everyone was surprised that I was homeschooled because my social skills were just fine.
Homeschooled Hedgehog [ I used to do this all the time! ha ha ]
Homeschooled Hedgehog - Dont you have homework? All I do is Homework...
I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW ACCURATE THIS IS! (though if it were up to me, some days just might be 'pajama days.' Consequentially though, the final decision rests with my mom.)
Confessions of a Homeschooling Dad (Tshirt from Made By Momma)

Back to school Shopping New Pajamas  | Homeschool Harold

And this one tops them all:
Well, yes yes and more yes.
-- Rebecca Jane.

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