Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sleep-Writing/ My Name (Poem)

Sooo… I was going to enter the poetry showcase at The Idea Catcher, but I misplaced the notebook I write poetry in and I can’t just come up with poem like that! *snaps fingers* I am so mad at myself for not copying those poems somewhere else!

Anyway, I fell asleep reading a poetry book at the computer desk while I was supposed to be doing school. I dreamed about writing poetry.

When I woke up, this was written in my handwriting on the piece of scrap paper in front of me:

My Name
Passed down through the generations,
Crossing the bridge of time,
My name set an expectation
For how I’m to live my life.

My name means “to tie” and that has
Come to be the rapport
That binds me to the women that
Were here so long before.

I must live up to their kindness
And gracious ways of life,
And shine with all their brightness
And lovely inner light.
I’ve never seen them, never known
Their voice or smile or face,
But I hear them through the ages:
“Make us proud, Rebecca Jane.”

I just about had a heart attack! What does it even mean? Did I write that? Is sleep-writing even a thing? If I didn’t write it, who did? Was it a late April Fool's Day prank from someone, because it ISN'T FUNNY! But then I realized I was home alone, so no one else could have! EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go curl up under the covers and freak out!

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