Monday, May 19, 2014

50th Post!

As this is my fiftieth post on this blog, I wanted to start off officially blogging again with a bang!

First of all, I did a guest post--  my first ever!-- for my friend at The Secret Ghost Caller. You can see it here.

Second of all, I wrote some poetry for Maria's showcase at The Idea Catcher. I will put the link here if she posts some of mine: Never mind, I chickened out at the last minute. Sorry, but I just get so nervous about showing anybody my poetry! Does anyone else have that problem?

Third of all, my pen pal and I (whom you may know as The Secret Ghost Caller) are writing a book together! We're both super-excited about it. Not all the details have been worked out yet, but we're getting there!

                                              Lonely Shore (Nicoleta Toderici)
Isa, the main character.

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