Sunday, May 25, 2014

Guest Post by The Secret Ghost Caller: Dreams

My friend over at The Secret Ghost Caller wrote a guest post for me called "Dreams." I think she did an amazing job! Now all you wonderful readers (Hi Seriah and Chloee!) please give you attention to The Secret Ghost Caller as she takes the stage with her wonderful guest post.
We all have dreams. No matter what your age or what you want to be it's important to have dreams, especially if you're a writer. When you write it's like a little part of you creates a dream for one of your characters and gives them life and a dream in your little fantasy world.
If you're stuck on your dream for a story here's what you do: put down your pencil and tuck away that notebook. Get your butt out of that desk chair and start doing something. It doesn't matter what-- just get up. Start dancing or go ride your bike or turn on your favorite song.
This is me when my favorite song comes on  LOL!!
You can't force your dream, which is something I have a habit of doing. So next time you're stuck on your dream get up and get out of your chair and forget about it for a little bit. Then return to your fantasy world with all your new ideas. Or if you don't have any go on Pinterest. But be warned: when you go on there, there's no turning back! It's to late for me but you can save yourself! You have been warned!
If this is your first time on Pinterest leave NOW! It's far too late for us, but save yourselves.

I know sometimes that dream seems just out of reach, but it's just like Walt Disney said: "If you can dream it you can do it." Thank you Disney! But let's keep on track. Don't just say. "Oh this story is too hard I'll just write another one and forget about this one." DON'T DO THAT! You don't need to give up on your story just because you have a little writers block! You're just giving up on your characters dream!
Find some inspiration and then all the stories will come flowing into your mind and you'll have so many you'll be filled to the brim! And then you'll see all the creative thing's you have on paper and who knows-- maybe you'll write the next "Hunger Games"!
And when it gets hard don't think of what you could do instead off writing that last page. Think of what you have done and how happy you'll be when you finish your story! Now that that's out of the way let's get down to business! Anything is possible when you have dreams! Okay I know I sound like a hippie but trust me you'll be fine! So keep on dreaming!
Now I'm off to find some inspiration for my next story!
 The Secret Ghost Caller is an aspiring author with a love for music (and also pranks, as you might learn the hard way). Her blog's mission is to show the world that not all girls love the color pink.

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