Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years': All Good Things...

All good things must come to an end, and 2013 is no exception. Despite the fact that it's unlucky number thirteen, it's been a great year for me. Let's look back at all the positive thing that have happened to me this awesome "unlucky" year, the year my writing came back from the dead.

I finished my first novel through NaNoWriMo. This was probably the biggest milestone I've passed in my writing career this year. NaNo really helped me stop procrastinating and start writing. And I have a novel to show for it!
I finally got an email address. As much as I love letters, there's so much you can do with a gmail account....
I started a blog. My first attempt at blogging was this June, when my friend Seriah got this awesome idea to mail Tsarmina back and forth and blog about it. I experimented with my posts and format over there, (Tsarmina's Travels ) and eventually got up the courage to start one all on my own. I think this one's turned out alright-- what do you think?
I (in some miraculous way) made the public school's Junior Varsity basketball team. I'm not sure how this happened-- some work of divine providence, to be sure-- but I'm on the team! Now if I could just make a foul shot to save my life....
I discovered many awesome writing blogs that have helped encourage and improve me at the trade. Here are just a few:
The Write Practice
The Magic Violinist
Rainbow of Words
Positive Writer
NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program

2013 in one word:

If I believed in luck, I'd say "lucky." But since I don't, I'll say "blessed."

Most played songs:

Teenager Posts
Love this. Got it from Pinterest.

I'd Lie (Taylor Swift)
Nevermind (Taylor Swift)
There's Your Trouble (Dixie Chicks)
American Honey (Lady Antebellum)
Ain't Easy (Rachel Farley)
Sparks Fly (Taylor Swift)
Permanent Marker (Taylor Swift)
Long Live (Taylor Swift)
Country Girl Shake It For Me (Luke Bryan)
Creepin' (Eric Church)
Little White Church (Little Big Town)
Boondocks (Little Big Town)
Mean (Taylor Swift)
Good Girl (Carrie Underwood)
Mama's Broken Heart (Miranda Lambert)
Honey Bee (Blake Shelton)
Better Than Revenge (Taylor Swift)
Gunpowder and Lead (Miranda Lambert)
Cruise (Florida Georgia Line)
Round Here (Florida Georgia Line)
That's My Kind of Night (Luke Bryan)
International Harvester (Craig Morgan)
Tim McGraw (Taylor Swift)
Enchanted (Taylor Swift)

As you can see, my music taste doesn't vary much. :)

Awesome books read:
Emily of New Moon (L. M. Montgomery)
Emily Climbs (L. M. Montgomery)
Emily's Quest (L. M. Montgomery)
Kilmeny of the Orchard (L. M. Montgomery)
The Blue Castle (L. M. Montgomery)
The Story Girl (L. M. Montgomery)
Rilla of Ingleside (L. M. Montgomery)
The Golden Road (L. M. Montgomery)
Jane of Lantern Hill (L. M. Montgomery)

Okay, so I really like L. M. Montgomery. So what?

Goals for 2014:
Get published.
Work on my blogging skills.
Connect with other writers. I can't do it alone.
Stop using the words "like" "awesome" and"really" so much in my writing. Seriously, it's like really getting on my nerves that I can't stop-- AAARGH I did it again!
Finish edits on As Strange as Snow in September (and work on the title).
Win NaNoWriMo again. This time I'm going to shoot for 60,000 words.
Write. While I'm waiting on getting published and maybe finding an agent, I'll keep improving my writing until it's ready to go out into the world. After all, without the "write" I'd just be an "er."

Have an amazing 2014, everyone!

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