Saturday, December 7, 2013



What's going on lately:

  • I won NaNoWriMo! I won NaNoWriMo! I won NaNoWriMo! Enough said. Anyone who's ever done it knows the satisfaction. Here's what the cover of my book looks like:
It's not the best it could be, I know.
But hey, it's my first cover (and novel!) ever!
  • Practicing for the Christmas Concert! They've finally set the date: December 17th. I've practiced "Carol of the Bells" so many times on my flute, I could literally play it in my sleep.
  • Played my first basketball game of the season Thursday! We were all pretty upset that we lost. But the other team, since they were so out-sized by us, had some pretty good strategy: they didn't really try during the first three quarters, which made our team start to get kind of careless. Then in the last period, when we were worn out, they made their comeback and beat us by four points-- !!!!!!!!!! The same thing happened during the boys' game, which was immediately after. But we know what we did wrong, and we're working on it, so we're better prepared for our next game (Monday).
  • Failing pre-algebra.
  • I survived my little sister's first ever slumber party last night.
  • I've already got an idea for my next novel-- some exhausted part of me went "NOOOOOOOOO!" when I first thought of it. "NO!" it said. "Not another one-- not after all the work and pain and frustration of the last one!" But I'm going to write it, anyway. I am going to compromise with my aching brain, though: no writing any part of any novel until 2014. 2013 is almost over (sadly), so the part of me that's itching to write won't have long to wait. 25 days until I can start.... :^)

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