Sunday, June 1, 2014

Alice In Wonderland Blog Meme!

The Notebook Sisters are turning three! I just started reading their blog a few weeks ago, and I loved this so much I thought I'd do it!

1. Just Alice: What book cover(s) has made you super curious?
 This one:

Is this cover intriguing or what? I love how it's just the silhouette of Kami at the Lynburn's gate. She's just pushing open the gate, about to see what horrors (aka her imaginary friend who isn't so imaginary any more and his creepy mother) lie behind. This cover leaves much to be told, so that you have to read the book to find out what it's about.
I read Unspoken last summer. It was amazing! I loved everything about this book except the ending-- such a cliffhanger! And a depressing one, on top of that.

 2. Mad Hatter: List the craziest character(s) you've ever read.
Ilse and Aunt Nancy from Emily of New Moon, and Mrs. Pigglewiggle. Yes, I read that series, and no, I am not ashamed to say I loved it!

 3. Red Queen, Off With Your Head! What book have you felt like beheading?
Once upon a time, I thought I loved all books. But The Cat of Bubastes spoiled that fantasy for me. I had to read it in fifth grade for school and it was the most awful, boring book I've ever read. I literally had to be forced to read it. (People, I  NEVER have to be forced to read something, NEVER!)

 4. White Rabbit: What books or series have been insanely popular but you've been "late" to pick them up?
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Everyone was raving about it, so I figured I'd read it. IT WAS SO WORTH IT!
The Hunger Games series. The only reason I haven't read/watched this yet is because my parents think it's too gory. (Please. Almost ten years living in rural WV, and you wouldn't believe some of the things I've seen! I think I can handle some fight scenes!)
Harry Potter. Not allowed to read this because of the witchcraft in it. Typical homeschooler. :)
Divergent. I have a hold for this book at the library. The only problem is, there are about four hundred people ahead of me....

 5. Caterpillar: What's the most confusing book you've read?
My math text book.

 6. Dormouse: What was the last book that sent you to sleep?
Books really don't send me to sleep, but The Light and the Glory was really dull. It was a good, solid Christian book with lots of great information in it, but the way it was presented was snore-worthy.

 7. Cheshire Cat: Book that made you laugh and smile?
The Anybodies by N.E. Bode.

 8. Knave of Hearts: Most recent character who stole your heart?
Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars. I don't think I'll ever quite get over him. ("Why, John Green, WHY?")
Before him it was Jared from Unspoken (see above.)

 9. Jabberwocky: Best villain you've read this year?
My favorite villain this year was Preacher from The Night of the Hunter. And Tigerstar from the Warriors series.

 10. Down the Rabbit Hole: What's the latest book/series/author that's completely swallowed your interest?
John Green. John Green, John Green, John Green! I have GOT to read more of his books.

If you'd like to do this tag on your blog, head on over to The Notebook Sisters for details!

--Rebecca Jane



  1. Hey Rebecca, thanks for the follow! I love your choice for #2. Ilse was a nut.

    1. Thank you-- finally, someone gets my L. M. Montgomery reference! :-)

  2. HI! It's Lydia! You know, your penpal who just wrote you a letter for the first time in like 5 months. LOL. Just got your letter I love your blog! So cool! :-) I have two... (The address is wierd I made it when I was 8 don't judge)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Hey Lydia! Sorry I didn't reply sooner-- I didn't know you'd commented!
      I've checked out your blogs and they are AWESOME!
      What you said about the letter just reminded me I have like four long-overdue letters to penpals, so I'm going to go write them! Hope we can talk soon. :-)

      --RJ <3


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