Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creative Writing-- November 7th, 2013

My first creative writing post! Here goes nothing:

I watched the blizzard from my kitchen table, revelin' in the way the snowflakes fell down like pieces int' place. If only life was like that, I thought.

It chilled me, though, t' watch the cold wind blow 'round like that. A sip of my steamin' coffee warmed me up right quick. My coffee was "white," as Pap used to say. He liked his like that, too-- with s' much cream and milk in it, it's almost as pale as fog on a Halloween night. Maybe that was why he and I got along so well, 'cos we both liked the same things. We both loved old books, and int'restin' arguments, and cold win'er days, and letters. Ah, letters. 'S been s' long since I got one, I almost forget the feelin' of openin' one. It's magical, ya know. Yer hands shake with anticipation as you rip away the seal, and that stench of the glue and stiff stationary fills yer nose--

A fate would have it, o' course, it was just as I was thinkin' about this that The Letter arrived.

I originally did this on The Write Practice, but I really liked it, so I'm posting it here.

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