Saturday, July 2, 2016


Last night we went to a friend's house to watch the fireworks in town. This is the first year we've ever not been at the Outer Banks during the first week of July. We had a good time. Lots of food, laughter, blankets, and stars.

I took a few pictures. My camera is broken, so I'm using my dad's old Bloggie camera for now. The quality isn't the best, but I try to edit a little and I think they're okay. What do you think?



Random eerie street light.

My family is leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I've queued a bunch of posts for the next few days. Have a lovely week!


  1. Lovely photos, Rebecca Jane! They all seem to have a story behind them. ;-P

    I hope you have a great vacation, and happy 4th!


    1. Thanks, Emma! Happy 4th to you, too. :D

  2. These pictures are great, and I really love your blog too. I was wondering if you could tell me how to queue up posts for specific dates when using the website? Thanks!

    1. Oh, yeah, sure! Okay, so if you use Blogger, once you open up your draft, there should be a bar on the right that says post settings. Underneath it, there's a tab that says "Schedule". Click this, then choose the option from "Automatic" to the one that says "Set Date and Time". Choose the desired date and time, then hit done and save. Click on publish, then close the draft and go to your list of posts. It should say "scheduled" in orange letters between the post title and your blogger username. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by. <3


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