Saturday, July 11, 2015


I've been reading a lot. And trying to take better pictures.  And gardening. And cleaning. And we went to the Outer Banks last week for our annual family reunion. We had 51 people there this year, and it's amazing that we're all so close.

Yeah, it's been a good, quiet summer so far.


On our way to the Outer Banks, we stopped by the Green Valley book fair.  They have loads of books in this huge warehouse.  You can't beat their prices.  My family stops there every year.  So if you're ever in Harrisonburg, VA, you should swing by. I had a great time in there, as you can see below. :)

I'll be posting several times a week now, starting tomorrow.  I hope I'll be able to keep that up once school starts next month, too.
--xoxo Rebecca Jane



  1. Cool! I'm pretty sure I've been to the Outer Banks; but right now I can't remember exactly! Haha I'm glad you are having a good summer! =)

    1. Awesome! The Outer Banks is my favorite beach! Not that I've been to many others, but still. :D Thanks you!


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