Saturday, February 21, 2015

The White Witch

This is a poem I wrote recently.  It's a bit of an inside joke between me and a friend (long story), and I wondered what you guys would think about the actual poem? 

The White Witch

Her pure white heart froze long ago,
Left for dead out in the snow.
The storm raged on, the frost seeped in--
The heart should never love again.

Whence she woke, gathering up her skirts,
The White Witch settled down to work.
She built a castle made of ice
And stayed there away from prying eyes.

Upon the great ice gate she drew
A warning that proved tried and true:
"Enter not for fear of shame
And curses rained upon your name."

Meanwhile, in the Upper East Side
A girl set out for Low West Side.
Her mother packed her basket, wished
Her well, and blew her a kiss.

A storm blew up, as it often had
When the Witch was feeling bad.
Going was hard on the little girl,
Fighting the wind the howled and whirled.

The small girl came with hands outstretched,
To touch the words the Witch had etched.
"Please let me in. It's cold out here!"
So innocent; she knew no fear.

At her smile the gates burst apart,
Giving the Witch an awful start.
"Stay away, you little beast."
She could not move, could not speak.

"Thank you so for letting me stay--
Here, try this.  I've brought it all this way."
"What sorcery, what spell is this?"
"Silly, that's a Hershey kiss."

This simple act of sweetness wrought
A miracle in a frozen heart.
Her wintry reign blossomed as spring
And still she rules, a well-loved queen.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness! That was breathtaking, Bec. Don't stop writing, I was truly blown away by this! Amazing job! :)

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

  2. Haha! Awesome! I love how it turned out; not what I had expected! ;) It reminded me of Narnia....and Elsa.....yup. XD


    1. Thank you! <3 That was the theme I was going for! And the White Witch is also a code name for someone I know... one of my other friends won her over with Hershey kisses, and that's what this is about. :)

  3. Er mah gersh...that was awesome! As an aspiring poet myself, I really liked it:D And I liked the twist at the end:)


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