Sunday, October 5, 2014

Autumn Stories Blog Event Giveaway!

In celebration of Autumn and all things writerly, Jess over at The Diaries of Mannerbee Mansions has created a blog event! I think it looks like lots of fun, so I'm doing it. You should check it out, too! All you have to do is follow her blog, post something autumn-ly and link back to her, and comment to let her know you're participating!

Day 1: A simple paragraph about the time of year
Day 2: A short fractured fairy tale set in Autumn.
Day 3: Share a favorite poem, along with a few inspiring pictures of Fall-ish things
Day 4: Anything! A story, a poem, a character profile, anything!
Day 5: Make it count, share something amazing!

If you'd like to participate, head on over to Jess's blog!

I'll be posting Day 1 and Day 2 tomorrow morning. Cheerio for now!
--Rebecca Jane

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  1. XD Exciting! I am am glad you are participating too! :D


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