Saturday, March 1, 2014

In Love

I am aware that I haven't been posting much on writing lately. Sorry about that-- I'll get back to it in a few days. Meanwhile, here's another "journaling" post.

Okay, guys, I am so in love with Shutterfly right now!

This post is probably not about what you thought it was at first. :)

The basketball season is over. (Quite frankly, I'm a bit depressed and don't know what to do with my life now that an awesome winter is gone.) But the grandmother of one of my friends had been snapping photos of us all year, and she created a site on Shutterfly where my team members and I can view them. It's a private site, so we have to be invited, but once you're in you have access to all the pictures! We can also go on there and add photos of our own and create photo books and order prints.

It's been a major source of amusement these past few days-- some of our expressions and bodily positions are just plain hilarious! (Posting these on the Internet should be okay, since they don't really show anyone's faces but mine. They're all blurry, as action shots tend to be. And anyway, all of these people have Facebooks and Instagrams, so photos of them are already all over the Internet)

Like this one:
Here are a few more:

This one is just funny. I'm like, "SQUIRREL!?"
I had trouble cropping this one.
So I apologize to the guys in the back eating jerky
because your faces are on my blog without permission.

This is me shooting a foul shot. I look like I'm trying to use the Force, or something, or like I think I'm Superman and can fly:

You can't really tell, but this is me jumping up and down and yelling and waving my arms in an attempt to block/distract the girl with the ball. I think that girl was ready to punch me. (And she did, later, when the referee wasn't looking! Right in the nose. It might have been an accident, but from the murderous way she looked at me through the entire game, I doubt it.)

This is me in a tug-of-war with that same girl from the other team. Don't you just love our facial expressions?!:

This is me catching the ball:
(These photos are all from the same tournament, in which my team placed 3rd.)

So even though the season's over, we still have the memories.

Farewell to an awesomely fun season.

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