About Moi

Well, hello there. Somehow you've found my blog. And you're reading it... on purpose? I'm flattered. And confused.

photo credit Laurel Baker Photography

About the writer:

Well, since I know her pretty well, I can tell you she's:

  • fond of referring to herself in third person, apparently
  • 18, but an old soul
  • soon to be a college freshman
  • artsy and hates needles, but going into a medical field? honey what are you doing
  • already feeling the crippling weight of student loans
  • socially awkward
  • painfully introverted
  • horribly inconsistent
  • somehow aggressively organized
  • decidedly not ready to live on her own

  • a follower of Jesus Christ
  • a flutist (90° flute angles, if you please)
  • a lover of beautiful things
  • obsessed with flowers and cacti
  • intolerant to dairy, but pretends it doesn't matter
  • terribly obsessed with short, to-the-point poetry that makes you think twice
  • in love with the Spanish language
  • a cat conossieur
  • trying to write book reviews? someone make her stop
  • suffering from delusions that her sarcasm and deliberately odd syntax are funny

photo also by Laurel Baker Photography

About the blog:
My blog is mainly a monologue of me just being me. I don't even know what my theme is anymore. I post my writing and ramblings and the occasional poor quality photo set. I apologize in advance for any cringey post you read from 2015 back. Okay, 2018 back. Okay, every post on this blog.

Wow, you made it all the way to the bottom of this page? You're either:
a) stalking me
b) a supportive friend
c) really bored

Thanks for stopping by. <3 Unless you're a stalker.


  1. Hey! :) I read this page and it seams we have a lot it common! :D

  2. Flutes Unite! I play flute too, not quite sure how I found your site, but I'd love it if you took a look at mine: www.elizamcfarlish.weebly.com

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  4. Awesome blog! I can't wait to read more!!


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  6. Wow, your blog is beautiful! I love the title. Your About Me was a very enjoyable read. :) I'm giving you a follow!

    Christine | everythingisblogsome.blogspot.com

    1. I'm not sure how I missed this comment, but thank you so much! I should, er, really check this page more. :) I'm going to go check out your blog now. :D

  7. I totally love your blog and you. You're so witty and I could hang around this place all day.

    your new follower.


  8. I really love your blog! Following you right now!
    I think we have much in common. :)
    My blog: https://1agirlsplace.blogspot.nl


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