Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hope Fulfilled.

I heard from Jersey for the first time yesterday. An email from a stranger popped up in my inbox. It took me about 0.5 seconds to deduce that it was her. It was a clever pseudonym, just like her. I read it hungrily, soaking in words. She'd written it in a hurry, probably during school, so it was short. But it was enough; she is okay. Everything is okay.

I've kept tabs on her through friends who have connections with the foster system. They've informed me of every move she made. It didn't seem real, though. Not until today. They weren't lying. That little bud of hope I've kept tucked away is blossoming now. Things will work out.

I haven't done much in the past month. Pray, memorize my history book, sleep. Find patterns in the leak-stained ceiling during class. I was forced to fill out my schedule for my Junior year of high school; that was a nightmare. I had to choose classes and then scribble down a signature, sealing my own fate. Seven AP and dual credit classes, plus marching band. Next year is going to be busy, to say the least. I wish Jersey were here to make memories with in the coming school year.

Anne, MK, and I have bonded over all this. We were the ones it affected the most, and we've grown closer as friends through this trial. So that's a positive thing.

I'm going to attempt blogging this month. Stay tuned. :) Thank you, all of my loyal readers, for sticking around even though I can't seem to get around to posting. I love you guys.

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