Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter Wasteland Tag!

We've all been there. Autumn is over, but the holidays aren't quite here yet.does certainly doesn't feel like "the most wonderful time of the year." It's cold, wet, windy, and you're already sick of this think called "snow."

Well, Clara tagged me for this awesome Winter Wasteland tag! You can see her original post here. This tag is really simple. Just come up with 5-15 things you like to do in the winter, then tag 5-10 people!

  • Write a letter. If you don't have a pen pal, you should get one! They're awesome! Or write a letter to a cousin or friend. It's always a treat to get something in the mail.
  • Spend a few minutes on Pinterest. (A. FEW. MINUTES. Don't be like me and go on Pinterest for one quick recipe, and then find yourself still there three hours later reading a Tumblr Pin about whether penguins have knees.) Find some cute winter craft ideas, then go make them!
  • Do a winter photo shoot outside with your friends or siblings. Or, if you don't like the way your nose turns cherry red out in the snow (I know mine does), do a photo shoot of your dolls or pets.
  • Play hide and seek in the house.
  • Make tons and tons of paper snowflakes and leave them everywhere for people to trip over. Just kidding-- hang them up as decoration!
  • Have a winter party! Make winter-y crafts and Christmas cookies, go sledding or have a snowball fight, drink hot chocolate, listen to Christmas music, and use extra time to work on your gifts for other people. (Don't work on your gifts for each other, of course-- they're supposed to be a surprise!)
  • Give your pets some quality time.  They get bored sometimes, too!
  • Find a really good series and read through it. Or if you don't like reading, find a new show to obsess over.
  • Try out some yummy new recipes.
  • Create a blogging tag. Yup, just like this one. Be original-- come up with a new tag that will blow away the minds of your readers! Or at least help them beat winter boredom, too.

I tag:

A Girl Without A Name
Vanshi Mehta

And the first person to comment "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" :D


  1. I love all your suggestions! I wish I had winter in my country :'(

  2. Such a great bucket list! Oh.. and photo shoot out in the winter will be stunning!
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Thanks! Yup, I'm hoping to do one tomorrow with my American Girl dolls... or my pets or siblings, if they will cooperate. :D
      --RJ <3

  3. I'm so glad you did my tag! I really liked everything you did, I might even go try some today. :D

  4. Thanks for the tag! I'm quite notorious for getting tagged/awarded/nominated for these types of things and forgetting to do them (so don't be offended if I never post it), but I'll definitely try to do this one! :)

    1. That's all right! I understand-- I'm pretty forgetful myself. :D

  5. Thank you for the nomination Rebecca!


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